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Step 7: Present or publish

presenting your research

You worked really hard to get these results – now you should share them…to present or to publish? Presenting your work    If your research is specific to occupational therapy, a great venue to present is usually your local, state, or regional OT group – try there first.  The American Occupational Therapy Association is another

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Step 6: Collect and analyze data

analyze your data

Once you have the ethics board approval, you can start your study – the fun part!  In this phase, all you need to do is follow your research plans – tell people about your study, start sending out surveys, interview clients, collect pre and post intervention data… whatever you decided in the previous steps, you

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Step 5: Get ethics board approval

ethics and clinical research for therapists

Any time you are doing research on human subjects, you need to get approval from an ethics or institutional review board (IRB).  Why do you need to do it? In order to protect human subjects who agree to be in a research study, an outside, neutral party must review the research and decide if the

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Step 4: Develop your methods

research methods and therapy

Developing the methods of a study may be one of the most difficult and time-consuming steps of the research process thus far (make sure you have developed a reasonable research question). But, it provides the “recipe” for the action phase of your research study.  At this stage, it would be helpful to get some help

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Step 3: Refine your clinical research question

clinical research question and thearpy

In step one, you identified a population(s) and/or an intervention(s) that concerned you in your current clinical setting. Then you did a focused literature review (step two!) on the topic.   From the information you gathered in the literature review, you are now able to refine your concern into a specific research question. The question should

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Step 2: Search the literature

literature review and clinical research

Now that you have identified a clinical concern (did you? check out part one if you haven’t yet!), you need to do a literature search to see what research has already been done on this problem.  The literature search will help you understand what studies have been conducted in the past, how these studies were

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Step 1: Identify a clinical problem

clinical research and therapy

So, you want to do research?  Not sure where to start? Well, look around (literally!) – what types of clients do you see? What types of interventions do you use? Who are your most challenging clients?  Have you developed a strategy that works for certain patients? Do you notice a trend in your setting that

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