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Helping with time mangement

time management and OT

Time management is a problem for many university students – and occupational therapists can help! Check out this blog to see how.

Habits for student success

OT and habits

This blog discusses habits, routines, and rituals and makes the case for OTs working with post-secondary students to address habits as they relate to health, well-being, and student success.

Coping and stress: A guide for OTs

coping, stress, OT

What are coping skills? Coping skills are personal resources that one uses to manage difficult situations.  Common stressors in post-secondary populations include: financial pressures, exam and study-related stressors, and social stressors.1 Good coping skills have been correlated with persistence and retention in higher education.2   It is believed that coping skills are relatively stable over

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Who am I? Students, Identity, and OT (Part one)

identity and occupational therapy in college and university

This blog post focuses on what occupational therapists need to know about identity formation in college and university students. Links to some assessment tools are provided.