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Students and leisure – it’s good for all of us!

leisure and OT with students

Adolph Meyer wrote that leisure is “[one of] the big four – work and play and rest and sleep, which our organism must be able to balance even under difficulty”.1 And, recent research suggests that leisure may be an important part of identity formation – since leisure allows exploration of who one wants to be

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Physical activity and students

physical activity and OT

Physical activity helps with time use and can make students more efficient with their time – while helping with their long term health!

Sleep and students

sleep and university students

Sleep is important for academic success! Check out this blog that looks at sleep and university students and provides both assessment and intervention ideas for occupational therapists working with students.

Social support, students, and OT (Part one)

university and occupational therapy

Students and social participation When asked, students say that socialization on campus is their #1 concern. While this is not necessarily what you would expect, it has been found that students who have difficulty with social participation in university are more likely to be lonely, depressed, and anxious.1 And, if they are lonely and depressed,

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Who am I? Students, Identity, and OT (Part one)

identity and occupational therapy in college and university

This blog post focuses on what occupational therapists need to know about identity formation in college and university students. Links to some assessment tools are provided.