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If you can, you should… OT exam prep in Costa Rica

NBCOT® exam prep in Costa Rica

Reflecting on the OT exam prep course in Costa Rica – how it began I have been writing this blog for a while now. The blog was a challenge to myself to work on my writing skills and provide OTs with a place to go for knowledge. I teach in an MOT program and my

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OT Exam Readiness Stage 4: Action (study strategies that are evidence-based!)

Here are some evidence-based strategies that will help you succeed while you are studying-  Find a study spot that works for you – decide on your study sensory needs and fulfill them while you study.  Maybe you like to work in a group, maybe not.  Maybe you like to have a quiet space, maybe you

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OT Exam Readiness Stage 3: Preparation

If you are feeling the pressure to study, you have officially hit the PREPARATION stage of readiness! Preparing for the NBCOT® exam: Ready or not, here it comes!  You finish fieldwork and you start the process of taking the exam  –  register at NBCOT®, send letter from academic program, and think about an exam time frame.

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OT Exam Readiness Stage 2: Contemplation

At some point between your academic work and fieldwork, you might decide to “change” your view about preparing for the exam. Some people might choose to start preparing earlier than others (and, it should be at your own speed – you are in charge!).    At this stage, whenever that happens for you, you decide that

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OT Exam Readiness Stage 1: Pre-contemplation

If you are still in the academic phase of an OT program, you will likely think that the exam is so far away – why worry about it now?  “No way – I have too much on my plate as it is!” And, you are right, stay relaxed and confident knowing that your academic program

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