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Step 6: Collect and analyze data

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Once you have the ethics board approval, you can start your study – the fun part! 

In this phase, all you need to do is follow your research plans – tell people about your study, start sending out surveys, interview clients, collect pre and post intervention data… whatever you decided in the previous steps, you can do it now. 

As you are collecting data, it is important to look over the protocol and observe for any deviations from the plan – make sure that you get back on track quickly!   It is also important to double-check data as it is collected to make sure there is no missing data and that everything that you want collected is being collected.  A second set of eyes on the data helps (recruit a co-worker to help!). 

If you haven’t yet, you need to figure out how to organize your data to make it easier to analyze later. If you are not good with numbers or analysis – it would be helpful to find someone who can help!  (I love stats – if you need someone, I would be happy to help – contact me here).   An excel spreadsheet is a great way to organize numbers and the data can be easily exported into other analytic software for analyses. 

Keep your head up as you collect data – sometimes it can take a while – you might need some persistence!

Once you have collected all the data and organized it – you are ready to analyze it.  Your analysis should have been specified in your methods section – it is fun see what happens!!

Did you get interesting results?!  Well, you should share it with the bigger therapy community… next step – presenting and/or publishing your work!

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