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Step 2: Search the literature

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Now that you have identified a clinical concern (did you? check out part one if you haven’t yet!), you need to do a literature search to see what research has already been done on this problem. 

The literature search will help you understand what studies have been conducted in the past, how these studies were conducted, and the conclusions that have already been made in this area of clinical concern.  The information discovered during this step helps you understand the magnitude of the problem, recognize other common concerns in the area, and identify what is missing in the research. 

But, wait, how do you get access to literature?! Click here for some ideas if you do not work in an academic setting or you are not going to school!

As you search the literature, it will help you clarify your concern and turn it into a reasonable and relevant research question.  Need some help with a literature search? Contact me – I can help!!

Done with the literature review?  Work on your specific research question – that is step three!

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