Prepare for the NBCOT® Exam! All the details you need to get started!

Figure out at what stage of readiness you are at for the NBCOT exam and get tips related to your stage!

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Figuring out what you need to do to prepare for the OT exam and when- choose the one that fits:

(STAGE 1) PRE-CONTEMPLATION: The exam? I haven’t thought about it yet!

(STAGE 2) CONTEMPLATION: I am thinking that I should think about the exam now.

(STAGE 3) PREPARATION: I am ready to get serious. How should I prepare?

(STAGE 4) ACTION: Exam is scheduled – I can’t back out now! Tips for studying (that are supported by evidence)!

(STAGE 5) MAINTENANCE: I need to wait to take the exam even though I am ready.

(STAGE 6) TERMINATION: You passed – you are an OT now! Congratulations!

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