OT Exam Readiness Stage 3: Preparation

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If you are feeling the pressure to study, you have officially hit the PREPARATION stage of readiness!

Preparing for the NBCOT® exam:

Ready or not, here it comes!  You finish fieldwork and you start the process of taking the exam  –  register at NBCOT®, send letter from academic program, and think about an exam time frame.   If you don’t know what that entails, click here to learn more about the process of applying for and scheduling in your exam.

In addition to deciding on the amount of time you need, think about how many hours per day and per week that you have (while accounting for days of rest).  Many people find that a comfortable time frame for studying is 4-6 weeks.  If you choose 4-6 weeks, I would suggest studying up to a few hours per day (2-4 hours), making sure to give yourself at least one day per week of rest (remember your own occupational balance).  Write down your study schedule and your goals – it will make you accountable to your plans!!

In a previous post, I reviewed a lot of the available OT exam prep products – courses, books, and others that can be helpful as your prepare.

Here is what you need to know:

First, the domains that are tested by the NBCOT® exam challenge your clinical reasoning skills through 1) the OT process and 2) your knowledge of the outside factors that influence client care. Period.

  • The OT process.  What do you know about a client based on their condition, age, developmental stage  etc to guide the assessment process? What information do you need about the client to develop an intervention plan?  How do you… interpret the assessment results that you get?  …plan intervention based on the evaluation process?… decide upon and write client-centered goals? What is best practice for intervention for each client (think evidence and guides to practice)?  How do you measure progress? …decide to discharge a client?  What happens if a client isn’t making progress?
  • Outside factors that influence client care.  These are things like knowledge of ethics, administration, and supervision issues.

If you don’t want to spend any more money to prepare for this test, gather all your notes and books from school and follow my evidence-based study tips for the next stage of readiness – ACTION.    If you returned (or never bought) books during OT school, take a look at this list provided by NBCOT® – there is a good chance if you have most of these books, you have all the information necessary to pass the NBCOT® exam!  YOU DO NOT NEED ANY OTHER BOOK OR TO TAKE A COURSE TO PASS THE EXAM!

In addition to the material you have from your academic work, there are some great online (FREE) resources to use (too many to list) – here are two:

OTMiri has great videos to give you strategies to remember key information.

In Quizlet you can find tons of notes from others to help guide your studying.

If you are ready to dive into your studying – you have hit Exam Readiness Stage 4:  ACTION!






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